Sunday, April 5, 2009

Looking for a driving instructor in Hornchurch or Dagenham, Romford or Ilford? Don't base your choice on price; base it on quality.

When looking for a driving instructor in Hornchurch and Dagenham many prospective pupils will base their choice on price. However, with most driving schools in Havering and Barking and Dagenham only differing on the cost of driving lessons by a matter of a pound or two, pupils should be asking a few more questions when shopping around for a driving instructor.

When people phone me to enquire about driving lessons the first thing they always ask is ‘how much?’ But what they really should be saying is, ‘how many years experience have you got and how many satisfied pupils have you got through their test?’

Experience counts for everything where driving instructors are concerned. Does it matter whether you are paying £ 17 for a lesson or £ 20? What really matters is how good the instructor is and how much experience they have. A talented and well established instructor will be able to teach far more effectively than one that has only been doing the job for a short period of time. Opting for cheaper lessons from a lesser experienced driving instructor is false economy: far better to go for an instructor that can teach well because in the long run fewer lessons will be needed, so even if the lessons are slightly more expensive, money will be saved.

So many pupils come to me saying they are useless at manoeuvres. They have been with another instructor and have never been able to get the hang of a reverse park or turn in the road. But all it takes is a few minutes and I’ve got them mastering these manoeuvres in no time. Basically it’s experience in teaching that helps get the method across in a certain way that seems to sink in. Why couldn’t they get it before? Because the instructor didn’t have the skill required to show them properly.

Thinking about learning to drive? Or maybe you are looking for a driving instructor for your son or daughter? Whatever you do, don't base your choice on price. For the sake of 50p or even a couple of pounds per lesson, is it really worth the safety risk and quality of future driving skills?

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