Sunday, April 5, 2009

Learn to drive in Dagenham and Hornchurch - and become a safe driver with proper skills and experience

Learning to drive isn’t just about reaching a stage where you can pass a driving test. It’s about becoming a safe, confident driver with good skills and experience.

The challenges faced by newly passed drivers, such as driving alone, experiencing motorways and parking in awkward spaces are not given anywhere near enough consideration in the lessons leading up to taking the driving test.

Statistics show new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their test due to a lack of skills and experience.

That’s why the overall aim should never be to just pass the test. When I teach, I aim to introduce pupils to as many different situations and conditions as possible. I am dedicated to building confidence and making them aware of all types of hazards.

After passing the test, experience and skills develop over time. However, a Pass Plus course allows drivers to safely gain more experience improve existing skills acquire new skills, reduce accident risk and even obtain a discount on their car insurance. The Pass Plus course involves motorway lessons, country lane driving and all weather road experience and is well worth the investment.

Driving is a skill that can change your life, boost your independence and even improve your chances of getting a job.

Learning to drive? Learn to drive safely. Choose a driving instructor with years of experience and a dedication to the job and not only will you pass your test, you will become a safe, confident driver with a skill that will serve you for life.

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